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I am...the Gold Coast's premier Green Witch Dominatrix with over 14 years of kink experience.


The passion for my pagan craft is second only to my desire to dominate and torment, with my dark, yet quirky, brand of humour. 


As a multi-faceted being I know first-hand how healing non-normative sexual encounters can be, therefore; I treat each of my submissive's on a holistic level. 


I am exactly what you desire.

Are you seeking a soft Domme, or a strict Disciplinarian? A ritualistic sensual Priestess, or a mad Scientist eager to conduct her kinky experiments? The foundation of every session is based purely on the energy we exchange, ensuring each scene is a unique, pleasurable experience.

I find immense pleasure in toying with the psychological and physical limits of the human body. To see fear in my submissive's face and desire in their eyes is pure magick.



Though not essential, tribute is always appreciated and grants an expedited response and/or priority booking.

Cash: Cardless Cash Withdrawal or cash-meet

BeemIt: @priestesswren

Paypal: enquire further for associated email

Gift Cards: via Prezzee or directly

Cryptocurrency (click here)


Show me you are ready to devote and serve; follow me on all social media.

Monday - Sunday 

By appointment only


I primarily operate out of a privately owned dungeon located in Brisbane, as well as various hotels between Spring Hill and Coolangatta.

(Address disclosed upon booking).

Outcalls are available to screened submissive's.

MY GOAL is to one day open my own dungeon in the Northern suburbs of the Gold Coast. Watch this space...

I take great pride in my professional ambition.

No one is ever truly finished in their kink education; as time goes on there is always something new to learn or unlearn - always room for self-improvement & re-education when necessary.

I am dedicated to creating a safe and empowering environment for your exploration. Your session bookings not only support my vision of one day opening my own dungeon, "Holistic Energy & Alternative Therapies (H.E.A.T) Studio", but also provide you with a memorable and transformative experience.

I am trained in Advanced First-Aid, Administrating CPR, and have attended multiple workshops geared towards sex workers and kinksters alike since 2021.

I work and live by the principles of Safe Sane Consensual (S.S.C) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (R.A.C.K)


I know how much the mind and body can take; now let me show you.

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